About myself

My name is Bernd Artmüller, 29 years young and I live in Vienna, Austria.
I'm the Co-Founder and CTO of findheim.at, an Austria based real-estate matching platform startup.

I'm passionate about building meaningful products, clean code that scales, great UX and sharing my knowledge. When I'm not coding, I'm either doing some kind of sports, reading, cooking or trying a new coffee espresso blend - preferably dark Italian roast.

My Journey

In the last 10+ years, I started out as a web developer freelancer and began founding 4 startups. This allowed me to learn about entrepreneurship, startups, coding, UX, product management and much more.

My Skills and Technology I'm working with

In my 10+ years of being a professional web developer, and through founding multiple startups, I was able to collect a broad skillset.

Software Engineering

  • NodeJS, Python
  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Vue.js, React, Svelte
  • AWS, elastic.co
  • Postgres, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch
  • Gitlab, Github, CI/CD, Docker
  • System Design, Monitoring
  • Machine Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, Pattern recognition

Product Management & Growth

  • Search Engine Optimization (strong focus on technical SEO)
  • User Funnel Optimization (Hotjar, GA, Tag Manager, Amplitude)
  • UX/UI
  • Roadmap planning


  • Leading a team of developers
  • Investor/Stakeholder relations
  • Business Development


I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others and attending meetups.

Reach out to me if you're interested having me as a speaker at an event.

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